The Environment

The Environment

Reduce, Refill, Recycle

Everyone is becoming more and more aware of the impact they have on the environment these days. Blue boxes are seen on curbs across the country, along with green boxes in many cases. Canada continues to embrace recycling, with an amazing 65% increase in household recycling from 2000 to 2007 [1].

Recycling is great, but Reusing is better. At Island Ink-Jet we believe in refilling and reusing cartridges whenever possible, before sending them for recycling and replacing them with a new one. Reusing an inkjet cartridge can save the energy and materials used in recycling it, decreasing the overall environmental impact of printing.

Some Environmental Facts

  • Every year over 60 million inkjet cartridges are sold across Canada, over 700 million across North America
  • If you put all of the inkjet cartridges sold in Canada end to end, you'd have a line of them over 3,800 kilometers long - that's further across than the moon!
  • Of these, it's estimated that only about 5% are ever recycled
  • Mail-in cartridge refill programs waste gas, energy and other resources sending your cartridge across the country and back for a refill - Island Ink-Jet refills on the spot!
  • It takes around 74ml of oil to produce a single inkjet cartridge (that's 2.5 ounces)
  • That means it takes over 4,440,000 liters of oil to keep Canada in inkjet cartridges every year!
  • At Island Ink-Jet, we've been helping customers reuse inkjet cartridges since 1999 - way before Al Gore suggested it!
  • Unlike most blue-box programs, you can SAVE money by making the environmental choice with Island Ink-Jet.
  • Island Ink-Jet will pick up empty toners for recycling when you're finished with them, making recycling for businesses super simple!


Some printer manufacturers and retailers are trying to prevent you from having your inkjet cartrdiges refilled:

Lexmark - Lexmark offers "Return Program" cartridges for most new printers in stores, cartridges you can never have refilled. Refillable cartridges are available only through Lexmark's Website (or Island Ink-Jet of course!).
Epson - Epson has designed their new printers with electronic systems to prevent the cartridges from being refilled.

Before you buy a new printer, talk to your local Island Ink-Jet Associate for more information on eco-friendly manufacturers.

Looking for Refill Pricing?

You can access refill pricing by finding an Island Ink-Jet location near you on our Store Locator and viewing the location’s details. From there you can either search for a specific printer, or download a full refill price list. Island Ink-Jet Retail locations are independently owned and operated by people in your community.

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