Licensed Island Associate Program

Why open your own store, carry inventory, manage cash and billing? Becoming an Island Ink-Jet sales agent is like owning a business without any investment required and without having to manage any of the above! What could possibly be better?

Company Profile

Island Ink-Jet is our country’s leading printer ink and toner specialist. Our owner-operated (“Licensed”) storefronts are recognized and trusted by consumers nationwide as their top choice for toner & ink supplies. Our stores can be found in most major markets and have refilled well in excess of 10 million cartridges to date - saving those clients well over $100 million in the process. We service a large and diverse customer base of home and business users.

Island Ink-Jet stores supply a full range of toner and ink to our customers including brand new (OEM) toner and ink, remanufactured and/or compatible toner and ink, supplies and tooling. Our in-house brand of high quality cartridges saves consumers on average 30% off the cost of buying new. Our stores also offer an on-site ink refill service.

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About You

About You

Island Ink-Jet Licensees can be individuals or companies that are interested in opening an Island Ink-Jet storefront to provide ink & toner related products and services to consumers. Island Ink-Jet Licensees can also be those who already do operate a retail storefront and are interested in adding the Island Ink-Jet line of products and services to their offering.

An ideal Licensee will have an entrepreneurial background and be willing to start from the ground.

Other good fits are:

  • Computer repair and service shops or similar entities that need additional services to meet competition and increase customer retention.

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Company Profile License Details

Licence Details

As a Licensee, you will own/operate your own retail storefront and we will show you everything you need to know about the business. You will have technical manuals, ongoing R&D, marketing materials, operational materials, access to IIJ products and much more. Our program allows you to focus your time where it should be focused – generating sales. Simply put, we offer the most comprehensive program in the industry.

Some of the Features include:
  • Access to all IIJ products at wholesale
  • Leverage our brand name to increase your visibility
  • Access to our industry leading online “Help Desk” including:
    • A library of technical files relating to refilling inkjet cartridges and other critical technical tasks.
    • A library of other files to help in many areas. From business management, to marketing to graphics, to store designs, to industry news and much more!
    • An online cross reference tool that not only links printers to cartridges and cartridges to printers, but also links all the way to information related to refilling process of each item (refill instructions, weights, prices, inks and more!)
    • A forum where associates and their staff can work together on overcoming technical problems and helping each other with refilling.
  • Ongoing Research & Development
  • Integrated E-Commerce Platform:
    • A store location listing on our website. A highly visible and trafficked site that will drive customers to your door.
    • A profit sharing program for any online sales generated online in your area -or- for you to service your customers.
  • Business Management System- A sophisticated program that automates many of the day-to-day Island Ink-Jet functions allowing Licensees to manage customer relationships, automate business processes, sales automation and inventory control.

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About You Next Steps

Next Steps

  1. Complete this form, providing your contact information. All information is treated as private and confidential. Island Ink-Jet will not use the information provided in any other manner but to qualify the candidate.
  2. We will contact you in order to discuss the opportunity, answer any of your questions and ensure you meet our agency requirements.
  3. Once approved we will activate your agent account and you will be required to electronically sign our standard agency agreement.
  4. Once you have signed the agency agreement you will have access to our start-up materials, tools and training that will help you to operate as a successful agent.

Licence Details

Information Request

You are currently in the refill business and have never been affiliated with any ink/toner retail chains
You are an independant ink/toner business previously affiliated with a chain such as Island Ink-Jet or others
You are not currently in the business, but interested in learning more about opening an Island Ink-Jet Associate location

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