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Five Things You Need to Know About Using Photocopier Toner

Photocopier toner is the same stuff as printer toner – a powdered, fine plastic made of resin, carbon black and iron powder added to toner cartridges.  How does photocopier toner work? Basically the toner powder is heated to a degree where it melts and fuses on to the paper to form images and text. Because photocopier toner contains carbon black, a known carcinogen, the toner can be harmful if inhaled or if ingested.  In cases of severe allergies even coming in close contact with toner could cause a reaction so it is important to make sure you know exactly how to use photocopier toner and follow safety precautions outlined by most major manufacturers. Here are five tips on what you need to know about using photocopier toner: 1) Your photocopier should ideally be placed in an area or a room in your home or office that offers good ventilation. 2) Most modern photocopiers come with warning indicators that alert you when you’re running low on toner or if your toner cartridge is not installed correctly. Often you’ll be able to notice the tell-tale signs when you’re running low on photocopier toner that include faded or streaked prints, or missing areas […]


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Posted by Island Ink-Jet - 08/10/2012 at 3:00 pm

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