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Save With Lexmark Printers and Lexmark Compatible and Remanufactured Ink and Toner

Buying a printer is not an easy choice with so many different brand choices available in the market and new printer models coming out every month. Some of the top printer brands include HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Samsung and Lexmark. However, your only priorities might not be to find a printer that just prints, scans, copies and faxes. You might be looking for something that helps you conserve paper, is eco-friendly and efficient all at the same time. When it comes to buying Eco-friendly printers, Lexmark offers some good options. For example, with the Lexmark X463 you are able to do duplex printing which means you are able to print on both sides of a piece of printer automatically without manually having to switch the paper around. This helps you conserve paper, helping you be Eco-conscious and it also helps you cut down your costs at the same time. Lexmark offers many of its latest laser printer models with the duplex printing feature. One other advantage of using Lexmark printers is that you can find high quality compatible and remanufactured Lexmark cartridges for them from many reputable third-party companies. Remanufactured Lexmark ink and toner are made from recycled or refurbished […]


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Buying the Lexmark #16 10N0016: What OEM Manufacturers Dont Tell You

You probably stumbled across this post because you’re looking for the Lexmark #16 10N0016 ink cartridge. Well, we’re here to give you that cartridge at a great price, BUT we’d like to tell you something else first. At Island Ink-Jet and Laser Toners one of our policies is being honest and transparent with our customers. In light of that, when we see people buying cheap printers and think they’re getting a good deal, we tend to raise our eyebrows. Consider this, if a company is selling you a printer for $50, which is literally for next to nothing, and you think you’re getting an awesome deal, and you buy it thinking, “Wow, I landed a great deal,” – did you really? To understand what we mean let’s look at things from the manufacturer’s point of view. Lexmark was one of the first initial manufacturers marketing $50 printers. The printers sold extremely well, but here’s the catch – the sales of replacement cartridges like the Lexmark #16 10N0016 OEM branded cartridge actually made up for the cost of the printer. If you were to buy one black Lexmark #16 10N0016 cartridge and one colour Lexmark 10N0026 cartridge you’d be paying more […]


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