Three Online Calculators You Can Use to Calculate Your Printing Costs

Do you want to know how much your printer will cost you to run? We’ve done some research to get you some handy tools on the Internet that can help you calculate your running printer costs, compare two printers to see which one is more economical for you or help you decide which printer to buy based on your unique printing needs.

Here are three Online Calculators You Can Use to Calculate Your Printing Costs:

Printer Comparison Calculator. Offered by PCWorld this nifty calculator lets you compare two printers and see which one is going to be the most cost-effective choice for you based on your printing needs. Some of the information you need to enter includes, your estimated printing volume, the printers you are currently considering to buy, and the approximate page yield of the cartridges you plan to use.

Go to the Printer Comparison Calculator.

Printer Running Cost Calculator. This handy tool by allows you to estimate your printer running costs based on some popular inkjet printer models. It helps you to decide whether a cheap printer is sufficient for your needs or if perhaps you should invest in a more expensive printer with low running costs. All you need is your estimated printing usage per week and your chosen printer model.

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Cost Saving Calculator. Kyocera offers a tool to help you calculate the cost of consumables your printer would use over time. This tool features all the major brands with a wide variety of all the top printer models each brand offers and gives you a breakdown of all the potential costs you could face to run your printer.

Go to the Cost Saving Calculator.

Finding out what your printer costs to run is important to help you become a more informed consumer. One major part of reducing printer consumables costs is to consider buying compatible or remanufactured ink and toner cartridges from a trusted supplier.