Printer Cartridge Statistics That Will Shock You

The statistics are plain staggering – shocking to say the least. If you were to take a rough estimate of the number of people who throw out their printer cartridges, what would you guess?

Maybe 3 out of 10 people, 5 out of ten people? The facts suggest that 8 out of 10 people chuck their empty printer ink cartridges and their printer toner cartridges in the garbage.

This goes to show that either most people are plain irresponsible about doing their part for the planet, or that there is a lack of awareness out there in respect to remanufactured ink and toner and refilled ink cartridges. And at Island Ink-Jet we like to believe it’s the latter.

By constantly informing people about the many benefits of printer cartridge alternatives to just throwing out your empty, many many people now choose more sustainable and environmentally responsible practices when it comes to choosing the type of printer cartridge they want to buy.

With decades of experience and over 40+ stores across the nation, Island Ink-jet continues to be one of the trusted suppliers in the market for ink refilling and remanufacturing ink and toner cartridges to meet or exceed OEM standards.

We remanufacture your ink or toner printer cartridge for all major brands including Hewlett Packard, Canon, Dell, Lexmark, Samsung, Brother, Epson, Xerox and more.  Whether you have a monochrome printer that uses a black ink printer cartridge or one of the fancier all-in-one multi-colour cartridges, we have certified technicians standing by to refill it for you.

The best part is that doing your share for the environment actually puts money back in your pocket as printer cartridge refills and remanufactured cartridges cost 30-50% less than buying OEM.

If you just threw out your empty cartridge and are reading this, not to worry! Walk into any of our stores or visit us online and you’ll be able to purchase remanufactured or brand new compatibles at a much lower cost over OEM. Come in to have your ink cartridges refilled once you run out or drop your empty toner cartridge and replace it with a discounted remanufactured toner cartridge.

There’s nothing like doing your bit for the planet and saving money at the same time!

For the skeptics out there – here are the facts: millions of empty ink and toner cartridges end up in the landfill each and every year. This number increases by 12% every year with a home and office printer being a necessity these days. If you just take North America, there are a staggering 350 million cartridges that land up in the landfill annually. Just one laser toner made of industry-standard plastic can take over ONE THOUSAND years to decompose.

Now here’s something to think about – if everyone from individuals to large corporations to complete nations refilled and bought remanufactured cartridges imagine the difference it could make!

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