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5 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Ink or Toner and Impact Your Bottom-Line

At Island Ink-Jet & Laser Toners, we believe “Recycling is great, but Reusing is better.” It’s been one of our aims to educate our clients and consumers to get the best out of their ink or toner cartridge. This includes getting the best value, yield and quality for money. This is why we believe in refilling only inkjet cartridges BEFORE mailing them in for recycling and reusing both ink or toner cartridges whenever possible instead of buying a new replacement ink or toner cartridge. Recycling is great but why not stretch your ink or toner cartridge as much as it will go? Prolonging your ink or toner cartridge keeps it out of the landfill, reduces waste and makes the best possible use of resources. It also helps to save energy and materials used in any recycling program. This helps to minimize the carbon impact of the printing industry. Here are 5 top ways to encourage your employees, clients, suppliers and more to reuse their ink or toner cartridge and get the most out of it before they chuck it in the bin: Send an email to your staff explaining your program on how you plan to start to refill all inkjet […]


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Posted by Island Ink-Jet - 03/22/2012 at 3:05 pm

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Three Questions to Ask before Choosing Ink or Toner for Your Printer

Replacement ink or toner has become the greatest recurring expense of owning a printer, and these costs might get fairly high if your printing volume level is high. Fortunately, the development of more affordable options to purchasing the OEM’s brand name has helped to defray the expenses. When you shop around for ink or toner, there are a few questions you should ask regarding the printer cartridges the business you want to buy from has for sale: • How diligently does the organization examine the cartridges before re-filling? • Do they search for breaks as well as other flaws? • Do they check the electric powered elements of the cartridge and make certain that any used or worn out components are changed? These questions are crucial because investing in a cartridge that has just been refilled but not tested for quality could end up leaking ink inside your printer, making the actual expense saved in purchasing the printer cartridges pointless when it just cost you your printer! Recognize that there’s a difference between remanufactured ink or toner printer cartridges and refilled printer cartridges. With remanufactured ink or toner cartridges an honest reputable business will verify each cartridge thoroughly, ensuring that […]


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Posted by Island Ink-Jet - 02/13/2012 at 4:44 pm

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