5 Ways to Think Green When You Print Black and White

Do you need to find a way to print exactly what you need to print but do it in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner so that you not only get great results but get all the documents you need without burning a hole in your pocket or increasing your carbon footprint?

Well we’ve got some commonsense ideas for you to save on eco-frindly office supplies including printer ink, toner and paper and still print what you need:

1. Check your printer settings. Your printing outcome depends on several key factors. Print resolution being one of them. The lower the print resolution the less ink and toner you use. If you need prints for internal office use or personal home use, it makes sense to use “draft” printing mode when you print. This ensures that you print in a lower but fairly legible quality and your savings in ink and toner can really add up.

2. Only print in colour if you really need to. Sometimes all it takes is choosing the right printer setting to print in just black and white. Colour ink and toner costs a lot more than black ink, so conserve it and use it only when you need to. If you must print in colour try printing colour in “draft” mode if you don’t need exceptional quality. This will extend the life of your colour cartridges.

3. Be smart about the font you use.  This might be news to some, but simply changing the font you print in can add up in ink and toner savings. A company called Ecofont has developed a font with tiny holes in it claiming that it can help you save up to 50% on printer ink and toner if you use their software. This is a great way to go “green” with your printing.

4. Use the duplex printing feature. Most newer printer models are capable of duplex printing (printing on both sides) so keep that in mind when looking for an inkjet or laser printer if you need to buy a new printer. Printing on both sides of the paper can reduce your paper consumption in half – saving more trees and saving more money.

5. Choose remanufactured toner. Remanufactured as the name suggests are cartridges that undergo the manufacturing process again. Better known as aftermarket cartridges they are essentially empty ink or toner cartridges that have been refurbished from old parts and components. Trained professionals collect, clean and inspect cartridges, replace used components and refill them with quality industry-standard toner. After stringent testing and repackaging they are resold. Environmentally friendly and low-priced they can save you 30-50% in printing costs!

Island Ink-Jet’s remanufactured cartridges deliver quality and reliability and are a top favourite amongst our customers. Try them yourself and you’ll not only be thinking green but saving green as well.