5 Warning Signs to Stay Away from Toner Refills

Are you contemplating to buy toner refills?  Initially this might seem to be a good idea, mainly because it’s cheap, but toner refills can end up costing you dearly.

Here are 5 warning signs to be aware of before you buy toner refills:

Health problems

Toner is toxic stuff, folks. Made from a fine powder-like plastic substance it can easily enter your respiratory tract if you breathe it in while using a toner refill kit. Inhaling toner can cause upper respiratory tract infections or skin reactions, ranging from mild to severe, if you’re allergic to the powder. Brand new OEM’s or compatible and remanufactured cartridges that are newly manufactured don’t have these problems.


Here’s the thing with toner refills – with at home kits or refilled toner available on the net you only get a cartridge refilled with toner, but that’s about it. In order for a toner cartridge to work properly you need to make sure that all the internal components are functioning properly. This includes the drum, roller, fuser etc. At almost the same price as toner refills you’re way better off opting for a remanufactured toner cartridge from a reliable vendor that makes sure all worn out parts are replaced and offers warranties so you’re covered for a year.

Is it worth it?

You need to evaluate what you’re getting for what you pay. Some toner refills have a 40% failure rate and that’s something you certainly do not want. As mentioned above for a few dollars more you’re much better off opting for a remanufactured cartridge from a trusted supplier. These suppliers ensure certified technicians replace parts and refill the right industry-standard toner specific to your printer model, so you get the best OEM-quality performance.

Quality vs. cost

Does the low-cost of a toner refill justify the print quality? If you do professional printing that goes out to customers and clients skimping on toner is a no-no. Most cheap toner refills in the market may be cheap but they don’t give you the same printing quality or clarity as a remanufactured or compatible toner cartridge would.

Printer damage

Toner refills that fall apart or malfunction can cause damage to your printer if they leak. Tiny dust-like particles can envelope the inside of your printer causing damage. This might reduce the longevity of your laser printer.

The next time you think of buying toner refills think of the above warnings and research your alternatives. You may find that remanufactured toner and compatible toner are much better, safer and equally affordable options.