3 Good Reasons to Shop for Ink and Toner Online

When you shop for a printer you might do a lot of research to find the printer of your choice at the best price possible. But how often do you do the same when you shop for ink and toner?

Most people just drive to their local office supply store and pick up ink and toner on a recurring basis, shelling out hundreds of dollars annually, without giving it a second thought. Most people cringe at the rising price of ink and toner, but feel there is no alternative.

Actually, there is! Read this post and you’ll see how buying ink and toner online is not only convenient but comes with considerable cost savings.

Here are three good reasons to shop for printer ink and toner online:

1. Shop from anywhere, anytime. Heading out to your office supply store takes times and energy. With fuel prices rising and the traffic getting worse, it can be a headache. Once you get there browsing the endless aisles and waiting for an attendant or standing in the checkout line can be frustrating. Buying ink and toner online means you aren’t restricted to shop within certain hours. At our 24/7 online ink and toner store all you have to do is simply choose your printer model or cartridge number and all your various options with their descriptions are shown to you. You can compare prices, select colour, and review the page yield and more all in the convenience of your home or office and with a few clicks.

2. Save money. Buying retail means any products you purchase you’re paying towards overhead costs. A physical store has electricity bills to pay and a lot more staff to hire. An online store has reduced costs in terms of tangible overheads so they can keep prices low and pass on the savings to you. Retail stores are also limited by display space, so you only have that many choices. Buying ink and toner online gives you the chance to shop around from various stores and find the best price for the quality you want.

3. Compare your options. Shopping online for ink and toner allows you to compare various options like OEM (branded) ink and toner, compatible ink or toner and remanufactured, aftermarket cartridges. Many reliable third-party suppliers carry a wide selection of branded cartridges at competitive prices and also offer their own brand of aftermarket inkjet and toner cartridges. Check and make sure you’ve found a trusted supplier who offers warranties, positive client reviews and good customer support so you know that you can trust their products. Once you place your first order and are happy with your purchase (and have put money back in your pocket) you know that you made a good decision to buy your ink and toner online.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic/FreeDigitalPhotos.net