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In 2013 HP launched the HP instant ink program.  What is it?  Well quite simply it’s a subscription service that allows printer ink to be delivered to your door for what appears to be a very attractive rate on the face of it.  In addition, HP claims that it will save consumers up to 50% on printer ink.  Is it really too good to be true? Well, like anything in life, it depends on you. Let’s start at the 50% savings claim.  According to HP, this is based on the cost of a 12 month HP instant ink service plan compared against the cost-per-page of the majority of colour inkjet printers as reported by the OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers).  In addition, the savings are only realized provided the user never exceeds the monthly per-page allotment. Hmm, that’s interesting and hopefully you picked up on it.  Put another way:  if you currently use only OEM printer ink cartridges and you will never exceed the per-page allotment, you will save money. In a strange way this is similar to a vacation property timeshare.  You have an annual maintenance fee on your ink cartridge and for that privilege you are locked into that […]


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How to Make Your Own Holiday Printable Cards

Making your own holiday printable greeting cards are a great way to be creative, customize your messages and spend time with your kids and family over the holidays. With the age of the internet and online e-cards being the norm, mailing or handing out a greeting card is a great way to brighten a special occasion or a holiday and make someone’s day. Personalizing the card rather than going for a generic card makes it even more memorable for the receiver. You can easily print your own greeting cards at home. Nowadays most desktops and laptops come with in-built software or CD’s that can be used to make your own greeting cards at home. Whether you’re a novice or a savvy software user here are some ready-to-follow instructions to create your own holiday printable cards that will be treasured for a long time to come: Decide on your printer software. The first step is to choose the printer software you are most comfortable with to design your card. You can use an in-built program that came with your PC like “Paint” or for fancier customizations go for a graphic program like Adobe Photoshop. You can also simply create a card […]


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How to Buy a Printer

How to Buy a Printer So you’ve made the decision to buy a printer only you’re not sure how to buy a printer that fits for your needs.  Not to fear – we’ve helped countless people choose the right printer for their lifestyle and needs.  Here are some real-life questions we ask every consumer in helping them to refine their search and find the most suitable match. What type of printing do you do? This is perhaps the most important question to ask since it will point you towards a specific printer technology – that is Inkjet printer vs Laser Printer. Inkjet printers are capable of high quality photo printing since they mix ink liquid and specialized papers to render a photo quality image/print.  If you are looking to print high quality graphics and photos, you’re most likely in need of an inkjet printer. Laser printers can offer decent quality colour prints suitable for general purpose colour printing such as printing PowerPoint slides. Do you need a color printer? If you only print text, faxes or anything that doesn’t really require colour, we would generally recommend you look into a laser printer.  Laser toner cartridges generally achieve three or more […]


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3 Good Reasons to Shop for Ink and Toner Online

When you shop for a printer you might do a lot of research to find the printer of your choice at the best price possible. But how often do you do the same when you shop for ink and toner? Most people just drive to their local office supply store and pick up ink and toner on a recurring basis, shelling out hundreds of dollars annually, without giving it a second thought. Most people cringe at the rising price of ink and toner, but feel there is no alternative. Actually, there is! Read this post and you’ll see how buying ink and toner online is not only convenient but comes with considerable cost savings. Here are three good reasons to shop for printer ink and toner online: 1. Shop from anywhere, anytime. Heading out to your office supply store takes times and energy. With fuel prices rising and the traffic getting worse, it can be a headache. Once you get there browsing the endless aisles and waiting for an attendant or standing in the checkout line can be frustrating. Buying ink and toner online means you aren’t restricted to shop within certain hours. At our 24/7 online ink and toner […]


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Solid Advice for Purchasing Third-Party Inkjet Cartridges

If you’ve read some of our previous posts you’re aware of some of the infographics out there talking about the crazy prices that today’s ink cartridges run at – the black liquid is more expensive per ounce than expensive perfume like Chanel No. 5! No wonder, consumers are getting increasingly vigilant about their ink cartridge use and are looking for alternative ink cartridge options in the market. Although refilled ink cartridges can be a great option if you get your cartridges refilled at a reliable ink refiller, for the purpose of this post we’ll focus solely on aftermarket or third-party inkjet cartridges. What are third-party inkjet cartridges? Let’s start by identifying what third party ink is. Cartridges made by the same brand as your printer are referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges. For example, a HP ink cartridge manufactured specifically for your HP OfficeJet Printer. Third-party ink cartridges, or non-branded non-OEM cartridges, are not made by your original printer brand manufacturer but by another company that promises that their cartridges are compatible with your printer. Why not all third-party inkjet cartridges are created equal. There’s been a lot of debate and argument over if third-party inks are worth […]


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