Licensed Associate Program

Island Associate Program

For resellers/refillers looking for buying power, improved branding, and support.

All retailers, big or small, are faced with an unsteady economy and have to deal with industry-wide narrowing margins, longer sales cycles, less frequent purchases, high customer churn rate and fewer dollars spent per sale. The refill business is no different. We have little choice other than to grow sales to survive using the scarce resources of people, time and money. We must stay focused on business development and client retention to build and retain a profitable market share and outsource the back end zero profit growth activities such as sourcing product, managing inventories, building and managing web sites and developing refill techniques.

The Licensed Island Associate Program is an opportunity for you to download the non-revenue generating activities of your small business to the Associate group and gain a new partner that will contribute to the success of your business in a variety of ways also allowing you to focus your time where it should be focused- generating sales.

In addition to downloading non-revenue generating activities, the program enables Associates to leverage the Island Ink-Jet brand to increase their visibility, quality, service and customer retention. Brand identity is the most valuable asset for any business. Successful brands stand out in a crowd of similar businesses allowing Licensed Associates to share in significant advantages inaccessible to competitors.

License Features

As a Licensed member of the Island Associate group, you will have access to a number of vital products and services to help your business:

  • The ability to use the “Island Ink-Jet” and related trademarks.
  • Access to the Island Ink-Jet supply chain. This includes a one stop shop for bulk ink, laser toners, supplies and tooling. Everything you need to operate your small business and/or for resale purposes.
  • The ability to take advantage of and share the collective intelligence of a large group of your peers.
  • The assuredness that the integrity of the marks will be maintained on your behalf.
  • Access to our industry leading online “Help Desk” which includes:
    • A library of technical files relating to refilling inkjet cartridges and other critical technical tasks.
    • A library of other files to help in many areas. From business management, to marketing to graphics, to store designs, to industry news and much more!
    • An online cross reference tool that not only links printers to cartridges and cartridges to printers, but also links all the way to information related to refilling process of each item (refill instructions, weights, prices, inks and more!)
    • A forum where associates and their staff can work together on overcoming technical problems and helping each other with refilling.
  • Ongoing Research & Development related to refilling ink cartridges. We research various suppliers’ inks, various refill techniques, provide suggested pricing and more!
  • Access to our mobile cross reference for handhelds. Allowing your sales force to access laser toner and ink cartridge cross references and pricing information through a mobile device. Great for sales calls!
  • Access to live support on any refill-related question via our 1-800 support number. Access to support through a web based ticketing system featured on the help desk.
  • Integrated E-Commerce Platform:
    • A profit sharing program for any online sales generated online allowing licensees to provide more services to their customers.
    • A store location listing on our website. A highly visible and trafficked site that will continue to have more traffic than other sites as the brand continues to grow.
    • An email address
    • Maintenance of a central 1-800 number (directs customers to closest Associate locations)

The benefits of being part of an Associate group.

  • Building group buying power over the long term wins. Our Associates typically spend 20% less on their laser toners then most independent refillers.
  • An increase in the value of your business. Potential suitors look to a strong support mechanism in place.
  • Increased consumer awareness, confidence and retention. Associates have long understood the importance of a strong brand identity. Potential and existing customers look to recognized brands first!
  • Access to most desired locations. Landlords seek affiliations with strong associates /chain stores / franchises rather than one-of concepts.
  • The option of upgrading your cash register to our integrated Business Management System. A sophisticated program that automates many of the day-to-day Island Ink-Jet functions allowing Licensed Associates to manage customer relationships, automate business processes, sales automation and inventory control. Some of the benefits of this system include:
    • Work order printing and tracking. Work orders include information for technicians to improve quality including and not limited to specific inks used, ml’s, tech page and more.
    • Simplified End of Day processing
    • Over 35 Reports Available: Choose from a variety of sales reports, history reports, summary reports, customer reports, product reports, refund reports, landlord reports and more!
    • Inventory Control –keeps track of items on hand. Generates Purchase Orders and RMA’s
    • Suggested Pricing / New items centrally added and maintained.
  • The security of knowing no other Licensed Associate will be opened in the immediate area surrounding your location.

Existing resellers -You can get all this for only $199/month! (Plus applicable taxes) Your peer resellers have found that the savings on their COGS alone makes this membership worthwhile!

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