The New Windows 8 and Printer Compatibility

Have you got the new Windows 8 installed on your PC? Perhaps, you’re thinking of upgrading your old operating system to the newly released Windows 8 and are wondering if your printer will work with Windows 8. This article sheds some light on what to do if you’re planning to switch to Microsoft’s newly released version.

According to PCMag one of the most common problems people face is that if you change your Windows operating system from one to the next you’ll need to get new drivers for your printers.

PCMag did a test by selecting a few random printers and installed the “RTM (release to manufacture) version” of Windows 8 and here’s what they found:

Some printers installed and worked without problems thanks to drivers supplied with Windows 8 itself. With others, however, Windows 8 didn’t include drivers and wouldn’t recognize the drivers that came with the printers as legitimate.

If your printer falls into the second category, the good news is that there’s probably a driver for it out there somewhere. The bad news is that before you can install it, you have to find it.

PCMag did the legwork by going out and contacting all the different printer manufacturers.

Here’s a list of some major printer manufacturers below:

Canon Inkjet Printers

Canon says information on Windows 8 and Windows RT compatibility for its Pixma printers will be available online when Windows 8 is officially launched.

To find the compatibility information on Canon’s site, click on the plus sign next to your printer’s model series. The entry will expand to show you a list of all the printers in that series along with the Windows 8 and Windows RT compatibility information for each one. If a driver is available for your printer, you can click on the printer name to go to the download page for that printer and download the driver.

Kodak (Inkjet Printers)

Kodak says that Windows 8 and Windows RT will both include a basic driver that will work with the following printers:

  • Kodak HERO 3.1, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1
  • Kodak ESP C110, C310, C315, 1.2, 3.2
  • Kodak OFFICE HERO 6.1
  • Kodak ESP Office 2150, 2170
  • Kodak HERO 2.2, 4.2

In addition, Kodak plans to release Kodak AIO Software v7.6 in late October for more complete support of the printers in Windows 8. Kodak says that in addition to the driver itself, the new software will include Status Monitor, Home Center 7.6, Print Projects, and CleanPrint, and will work with all Kodak AIO printers, including older models. The driver will be available at, and as a push software update.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions

Konica Minolta Business Solutions says Windows 8 compatibility information for its printers will be available through a Product Compatibility link on its main support page.

Updated drivers with Windows 8 support will be available at

The company says it has no plans to support Windows RT.

OKI Data Americas

OKI Data Americas says it will post Windows 8 and Windows RT driver support information starting on October 26, 2012. Use the drop down boxes on the page to select your printer model, and go to the Drivers page for that printer. On the Drivers page, you’ll see a drop down list of operating systems, which will include Windows 8 and Windows RT if drivers for those OSs are available for that printer.

Choose the appropriate OS, and you’ll get information about the best driver choice for that printer along with any instructions you need for getting it. Depending on the printer, the best choice may be using a driver that’s included with the OS, downloading one through Microsoft Windows Update, or downloading one from the OKI Web site.

Xerox Printers

A list of Xerox printers with Windows 8 compatibility information for each is available in a PDF format file. For information about Windows RT compatibility, scroll down to the last page of the file.

If you own a printer from another brand it is best to contact your printer manufacturer for support or drivers or if you’re planning to buy a new printer from your local printer store find out if the printer you plan to buy is Windows 8 compatible.