How to Clean Printer Ink Spills from Carpet, Clothes and Fabric

Did you get ink on your hands when you tried to replace an ink cartridge or refill a cartridge at home? Printer ink is fairly easy to wash off skin, you might need a couple of scrubs and washes to get it off completely, but it’ll fade away. However, if you’ve wound up with ink on your clothes (or worse – your carpet!) then it’s a different story altogether.

If you found this article while browsing for how to remove ink from carpet, clothes or fabric, here’s what you can try to do to limit the stain and the damage. The key is to act immediately! Get hold of some isopropyl alcohol (available in most drug stores, or the pharmacy section in your department chain) and make sure the potency of alcohol is at least 70-90%. Soak a cotton ball or a clean cloth with the alcohol and dab it on the stain. Be careful to not rub in or scrub the area as that might spread the ink and make the stain worse. And at no cost should you pour the isopropyl alcohol right from the bottle onto the fabric.

Now dab and blot the ink out with a clean cotton ball, clean cloth or you can even use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Repeat the process of dabbing with alcohol and blotting or vacuuming ink out until the ink stain no longer continues to transfer to the cloth or cotton. If the stain persists you could use hydrogen peroxide or consider a commercial cleaner, however it’s doubtful that you’ll get any more of the stain out.

Professional ink refillers at Island Ink-Jet stores use protective rubber gloves when refilling cartridges to protect their skin from stains. Unlike laser toner, (a fine dust-like) polymer, ink does not do much harm and washes off skin, but if you’re refilling at home you have to be careful not to get ink in your eyes, nose and mouth.

Ink refill kits for the home or office can get very messy, and if you don’t do it right you might end up ruining your ink cartridge and have to end up paying for a new one, damage your printer with a leaky cartridge, and stain your carpet or furniture if you have ink spills.

It is best to trust a professional ink refilling company to fill your ink cartridges for you. A skilled technician knows exactly how to refill ink and a reputable company will use the best industry-quality ink available and make sure it’s compatible with your printer model.

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